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Shaun Allen

Legacy Construction was aptly named with their family in mind when the company was founded by Craig and Shaun Allen. The Legacy family continues to grow with each new employee. Shaun’s desire was for his values and principles to flow through the company so that Legacy Construction would continue as a leader in the commercial framing sector for years to come. With those values in mind, we’re honored to serve our customers in his name.

In loving memory of Shaun Allen
1968 – 2018

Will Parr

Will has been involved in the Texas framing market since beginning his career in the early 90s. Starting as a single family framer in Frisco, Texas, he quickly transitioned to the multi-family market as the Dallas tollway forged its way North bringing with it the need for housing.

Will has worked in numerous markets throughout the country. Over the years he has become a staple in the multi-family framing industry having produced thousands of units in numerous markets.

Will enjoys spending time with his family on the lake, or attending his kids’ numerous athletic events.

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Legacy Construction is a wood framing contractor specializing in multi-family construction. Some of our past projects include apartment complexes, senior and assisted living communities, medical offices, professional offices and restaurants. Shaun Allen & Will Parr have a combined 50 years of experience in the construction industry.